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Specializing in Diesel Automotive Services

Let experienced professionals take care of your truck’s servicing needs. Roark Diesel Performance LLC offers an array of solutions to address any problems and keep your vehicle in peak condition. Whether it’s a light-duty or heavy-duty automotive, our dedicated crew has the right skills and tools to handle it.

What We Offer

Rely on us to take care of any issues on your truck’s tires, brakes, and other parts. We also perform other types of work, including the following:



Performance Upgrades

Transmission Swaps

Engine Rebuilds





Brands We Trust

To achieve the best results in every vehicle we work on, we only use premium products from reliable manufacturers.

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Call or stop by our location today and let us know how we can help you! You can also reach out to us for more details about our services. We’ll see to it that your inquiries are immediately addressed.